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No Sew Headbands! Super Simple

Level: EASY

Time: 5 minutes (does not account for time spent in thrift store:))

Cost: $0-$5

Yay, we have one of the simplist DIY projects yet! Plus, you are either upcycling an old t-shirt or have a great excuse to go to your local thrift store!! These no sew headbands are our new favorite thing to make.

What you'll need:

- A fairly stretchy t-shirt (cotton is key)

- Scissors

First, make sure you get a shirt that's too small for you, or that you're going to be ok cutting, (because we got about 6 shirts at the thrift store and ended up deciding we could only part with one) :) We used a medium sized maternity shirt and started our cut at about the narrowist part of the belly. (We recommend shirt sizes medium and small for headbands because the material can be stretched to fit, but not shrunk.)

We cut about a 2" strip as straight across as we could (but no worries about jagged cuts or wonky angles, you won't see them on the finished headband.)

NOTE: Cutting thin strips of this particular shirt lead to the headband being a bit large for our heads. If you want a really thin headband, make sure you get a smaller sized shirt. Plus, the nice thing about this project is one shirt can supply material for several headbands, so try different widths!

Now, take your strip and stretch it outwards. You will see the edges start to roll. For the seams, slightly tug on either side of the seam and they will roll too.

At this point, with your hands inside the strip, you'll want to make a full rotation with one of your hands so you get a twist in the middle like this:

Now bring your hands together...

Place the seams together, and pull your hands apart and you'll see your headband take shape!

Hello headband! Less than 5 minutes, it's that simple!!

We would love to see all the headbands you will start making, so leave us a picture below in the comment section. If you'd like to see a video tutorial, let us know! And get ready for our next DIY, we're making fabric flowers and embellishments for our new found passion of simple headbands!

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