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5 Minute American Flag Painting


Time:<5 Minutes

Cost:$1-$5 depending on the paper or canvas you choose

America, home of the brave! Today, we're going to make a quick and easy polka dot flag painting!

What You'll Need:

Canvas or Paper -at least 10" tall and 19" wide (width can vary depending on if you choose to keep the 1x1.9 flag proportion)

Bubble Wrap - at least 12"x24"

Paint - Today we used Angeles Leather Paint "Sapphire" and "Fire Red"

Paint Brush


Take your bubble wrap (bubble side up) and draw the 13 flag strips, which will each be 2 rows of bubbles high by the length of your flag. The blue area will be 14 rows of bubbles high (the top seven stripes) and 7.5" wide (or eyeball it if you're not concerned with proportions).

Hint: Use the rows between the bubbles to create equal and straight stripes.

Paint the backwards flag on the bubble side of the bubble wrap.

Completely cover the areas you need with a layer of paint, but make sure there aren't pools of paint sitting inbetween the row of bubbles. you can make a quick pass again over the entire area with your paint brush once the area is covered. You need to work kind of quickly at this stage because paint dries...

Place the bubble wrap, paint side down, in the middle of the piece of canvas or paper you are using. Lightly press down using your hands all over the back of the bubble wrap to make sure it is pressed against the canvas.

Peel back the bubble wrap to reveal your awesome polka dot flag!

This quick and easy project is an awesome way to show off your craft skills as well as your patriotism and the perfect addition to your next American celebration! Share your projects with us in the comments below!

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