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The Perfect Star (with just one cut!)


Time:1 minute (yes for real!)

Cost:WAY less than $1

Hello, and yes, you read that correctly, one simple cut and you will have a perfect star! Don't believe us? Well read on friend, Our job here at DIY Twins is to help you fall in love with crafting over and over again!

What you'll need:

Paper (standard printer paper 8.5x11" or larger if you maintain the proportions, i.e. 17"x22")


Start by folding your paper in half (hamburger fold).

Take the top folded corner (A) and bring it down to the middle of the bottom side (B), then crease. (Note: If you are using a square piece of scrapbook paper instead of the 8.5x11" proportions, you will want to fold point A. halfway between B. and the right edge in order to complete the following steps successfully or feel free to leave a comment if you want step by step instructions)


Now, you will notice a triangle shape(outlined in red in the photo below), fold that triangle over the line provided by your previous fold.

Fold the top part of the paper over the line provided by the triangle shape (blue dotted line in the picture below) and the edges should perfectly line up.

like this...

Take a peak inside your folds and note where the shortest corner is (C), make a mark on the outside (if you need) in order to remember where it is.

Now, take your scissors and make a single cut at an angle.

Open up the triangle piece you cut off and tada! STAR!

Now to make it 3-D, fold all the points(red line) into mountain folds, and the valleys(blue line) into valley folds.

Your star will really stand out!

Great right?! Now let's talk about the angle of your cut, the wider the angle, the wider the star...

and the smaller the angle, the pointier the star will be.

And you can make two cuts..

Which will give you a small star and a star outline with a star cut out of the middle.

Or you can make several cuts!

And get several outlines of stars and a small star!

Just make sure your inital cut is below that shortest corner (C.) we talked about in the initial fold and cut directions.

Now go crazy! Paint the stars, make a banner, fill a gift box with stars for packing materials! Just make sure you show off a bit and leave a picture in the comments below! Any questions are welcome too!

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