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Fabric Flower


Time:10 Minutes


Are you excited?! We are, that's for sure! Today we're giving you a step by step fabric flower you can use as an embellishment for those no sew headbands you might be addicted to making (or as an embellishment for anything else really). Now, we must warn you, this will NOT help you stop making those headbands, it might just kick you into overdrive:)

Here's what you'll need to make a flower:

-Fabric Scraps about 2"x2" (actually works better if they aren't exact squares)

-Fabric or felt circle(ish) about 2" diameter (or if you want a bigger flower, double the sizes)

-Hot Glue Gun

-Optional: Pearl, Button, Large Bead, or the like (for the center of the flower)

To start, fold one square in half into a triangle and then slightly skew the points, like this:

(we'll refer to this shape again and call it a "mountain")

Then place a dab of hot glue in the center towards the bottom of the triangle and fold the left point to the right of the center points, and pinch like this:

Place another dab of glue where your thumb was and fold the right point into the space between the other points, like this:

Keeping the points slightly skewed from each other will give your petal more character and will help the look of your flower. Your finished petal should look somewhat like this:

Now, take your fabric circle and place a dab of hot glue slightly off center and push your petal down on the glue and place another dab of hot glue on each side of the petal

Now grab two "mountains" and push one down on each dab of glue.

Place a dab of hot glue towards the center of the flower, on the bottom of each mountain like this:

And fold the points like you did on the first petal you made, bringing the left point to the right side and the right point into the space that is empty and push down so the glue soaks all layers of fabric.

Now in the empty spaces in the circle, place another dab of glue, and again placing a mountain on each dab of glue and folding the points to make the shape of petals.

Continue around the circle, filling in any spaces and adding another layer of petals until you feel your flower is as full as you'd like it. You probably won't need all 12 squares. Remember to push down on the petals so the glue can soak through the fabric layers while it's still hot.

Once your flower is how you'd like it, make a space in the center and place another dab of hot glue

Place your pearl (or other center embellishment) on the glue

And bring the petals back up toward the pearl to hide any glue that might be hanging out.

Now that you have your flower, grab some lace or mosquito bed netting to add some pizzazz to your headband...

Now to make sure there wasn't too much stress on the flower embellishment, we went ahead and hot glued the seams of the headband together starting with a simple figure 8 like this and adding a dab to the top layer:

Then fold one of the straps over the glue and pinch together the three layers until the glue dries.

We cut a small piece of bed netting (we picked this up at the dollar store like 4 years ago because

we knew one day it would really come in handy:) and we just kind of folded the edges towards the center to create a little poof and added a bit of hot glue.

Then add your flower to the netting

Then add some hot glue to the back of your embellishment

Attach to your headband

And TADA! Adorable headband!

We always enjoy seeing your projects, so please leave a picture in the comment section below, don't be shy, not that we don't love getting emails with pictures, but be proud of your work, show the world!!

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