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Red, White, and Denim Garland


Time:One Hour


Today, we're sharing a fun project we made after seeing the "Patriotic Rag Wreath" on We enjoy using items we have around the house as much as possible, so we rumaged through our stuff and came across string lights which made perfect sense to us! So without further ado, let's make a red, white, and denim rag garland!

What you'll need:

A String of White Lights (or red or blue if you prefer)

Red Fabric Scraps (we cut up an old red t shirt)

Denim Jeans you are ok with cutting (we ended up going to the thrift store for these)


First, you'll need your rags. If you're using an old t-shirt like we did, start by cutting up the side of the shirt.

Cut about 1-1/2" or 2" wide strips (or start the cut and pull apart like we enjoy doing).

You'll also cut strips of denim. Start by cutting up the seam.

Then cut and/or tear 2" strips depending on how rag like you prefer your pieces.

You'll want to cut 6-10" lengths depending on how much fabric you have, how thick you want your rags on the string lights, and the length you'd like your rags to hang. We cut varying lengths as we perfer random in this kind of scenario:)

Now unravel your light strips and start tying your rags around the cord, alternating color.

We single knotted our denim strips

and tied a bow with our red shirt strips (they were thinner and longer because of the stretch in the cotton shirt).

Continue alternating color strips until you've reached the end of your light strand (or until you've reached the length you need and fold the remaining light strand back on itself like we did) and TADA! Gorgeous border for our cupcake decorating table!

We'd love to see your rag garland, so leave us a picture of your project in the comments section below!

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